Shopware webshop for B2B and B2C

Shopware is an open-source solution with maximum flexibility for those who want a straightforward and future-proof webshop. The CMS is powerful and easy to customize.

The Right Shopware Solution for your Business

As open-source-software, Shopware is available for anyone to use and customize for their own business needs, and the platform's community-dependent nature means that the software is constantly updated and improved by a large number of developers and third-party providers. Therefore, you will always have access to the latest technologies and features that can help you keep up with the competition and deliver a first-class experience. The developers and providers are part of the growing Shopware community.


The system offers a wide range of features as standard for professional online stores, including a user-friendly panel for operations, administration, and overview of orders and customer information, a flexible product catalog, and an intuitive payment gateway.

And if Shopware doesn't have the functionalities you need, the platform is fortunately flexible regarding expansion architecture. You can use a wide range of integrations and plugins from an App Store (similar to what we know from Shopify), so you can quickly add new features.



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Shopware for B2C

If you work in B2C, Shopware can help you build a successful and efficient online store that is user-friendly for both you and your potential customers. With the platform's flexibility, user-friendly interface, and specific B2C features, Shopware is a great choice for companies looking to maximize their online potential.


With the great flexibility, you can customize a webshop that fits your target audience's preferences and requirements while also aligning with your daily use approaches.


Shopware offers a range of features specifically designed to enhance the B2C experience. These include, for example, an intuitive product catalog with multiple options for displaying your products in an attractive layout - something that can increase conversion rates and reduce bounce rates.


B2C features include:


  • Responsive design: Shopware has a responsive design optimized to work on all devices and screen sizes. This ensures that your customers have a good experience, whether they visit your store from their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Marketing tools: Shopware allows you to create campaigns, discount codes, and promotional offers that can help you attract more customers and increase your revenue.

  • Product recommendations: Shopware has a built-in feature for product recommendations, allowing you to display related products and recommended items to your customers. This can increase the chances of your customers buying more when they visit your store.

  • Fast and easy checkout: Shopware has a fast and easy checkout process that allows your customers to place orders in a few minutes. This can improve the customer experience and increase your conversion rate.

  • Integration with payment gateways: Shopware can be integrated with various payment gateways, allowing your customers to pay using their preferred payment method. This can improve convenience and increase your conversion rate.


Shopware can, therefore, be the right choice for you when you want to build a user-friendly online store and experience good conditions for increasing your revenue.



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Theme selection

There are several standard themes to choose from in Shopware. We help you make the right choice.

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Unique design

Our UX designers help with conceptual designs, UX, and UI for all sizes of sites and shops.



We can assist with integration from your Shopware webshop to third-party tools such as ERP, CRM, POS, shipping, and logistics.



With UI and UX testing, stress testing, functional testing, and SEO checks, we ensure that your website performs.



We ensure you support 24/7, SLAs, encryption, and much more. Therefore, we are the ideal Shopware partner.

Shopware for B2B

With its B2B Suite, Shopware is also well-suited for B2B companies looking to build an efficient online store that caters to the more professional and complex segment.


Due to its great flexibility, you can integrate your Shopware shop with a wide range of third-party applications and plugins that can help you improve your store and optimize your business process. This may include integration with ERP systems, omnichannel options, inventory management, and accounting systems that allow you to get an overview of order management and customer information.


Shopware is also known for its user-friendly panel, which makes it easy for you to manage your store and keep track of your orders and customer information. This allows you to optimize your business process and reduce costs.


Shopware offers a range of features specifically designed to meet B2B needs. Here are some of the most relevant:


  • Customer groups and prices: Shopware allows you to create customer groups with different prices and conditions. This enables you to offer customized prices to different customers depending on their volume or status.

  • Quotation: Shopware allows you to create quotes for your B2B customers. This can be useful when you want to offer your customers a discount or custom price before they place an order. Of course, the quotes can be created to vary from customer to customer.

  • Order forms: Shopware features a custom order form that allows your customers to place orders quickly and easily. This means that a lot of time is saved and any errors in the ordering process are reduced.

  • Quick reorder: With Shopware, your B2B customers can reorder previous orders quickly and easily, saving time and improving the customer experience.

  • Custom catalogs: Shopware allows you to create custom catalogs for your B2B customers. This can be useful if you want to give your customers an overview of specific products or price lists.

  • Integration with ERP systems: Shopware can be integrated with various ERP systems, which can help you automate your business process and save time on manual tasks.



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Shopware or Magento 2?

Shopware or Magento 2?

If you are looking for an alternative to Magento 2, or need to migrate from Magento 1, like many others, you can choose Shopware.

In many ways, the two systems resemble each other. This includes functionality and the strong support from a robust community. As a result, it can be difficult to distinguish between them.

Shopware or WooCommerce?

Shopware or WooCommerce?

If you have a larger and more complex setup or dream of having thousands of product numbers, WooCommerce's limitations in terms of speed, both front-end, back-end, and security, will quickly become apparent. That's not the case with Shopware, which can easily scale from a few products to thousands while keeping customer data secure.

If you need multiple languages, currencies, and payment options like Klarna and PayPal, it's also much easier with Shopware. In WooCommerce, you have to install various third-party plugins such as WPML and similar.

Experience a User-friendly and Scalable Solution with Shopware

Today, Shopware is one of the fastest-growing systems, especially in Germany, but also in other European markets.


Shopware provides a future-proof solution for your webshop, partly due to the CMS's ability to adapt to the constantly changing requirements and trends in the e-commerce industry, but also because the platform is built on modern technologies. The platform is based on a modern tech stack with the latest version of Symfony and Vue.js and focuses on an API-first approach. This means high performance and security that is constantly maintained and updated by the growing community.


You can expect updates in the form of functionalities, optimizations, and security approximately every month.


Flexibility and scalability also give you bright future prospects when dreaming of a growing business. Shopware can adapt to your specific needs, even if they change, and can handle a large amount of products and traffic without affecting speed. Therefore, it is a platform that can grow with you, even if you want to expand beyond your country's borders.


Shopware is a scalable system, and internationalization is an integral part. This means that you can attach multiple languages or shops to your current backend without affecting your overall performance. You can customize each shop to the new target market's language and culture.


The platform also includes a translation module so you can easily translate product texts directly in your backend. And because you only have one backend, you can update information on all your websites simultaneously.


Other relevant features include:


  • Drag and Drop Editor: The built-in drag and drop editor makes it easy for you to create new pages and create product templates with everything from text and images to videos, CTAs, and other brand-relevant content. The editor offers a visual preview and contains a selection of templates from the start that you can freely use.

  • User-friendly backend: You will experience a clear backend where you can access all functions from the main page and make changes via drag and drop at the same time. From the backend, you can, for example, decide whether a landing page or elements on such should only be displayed or hidden on specific devices.

  • Group products and customers: By grouping your customers based on previous purchases, you can create targeted content. You can, for example, display similar products and use this data in your newsletters, where the sending is based on purchasing behavior. As standard, you can create different custom customer groups.

  • Built-in SEO optimization features: In Shopware, you get built-in SEO functionality that helps you customize URLs and guides you to add meta tags, product descriptions, and category descriptions. This means that you also get help to improve your domain's visibility in online search engines.

  • Full ERP integration: If you choose a page with full ERP integration, you get integration with both products, orders, customers, and invoices. This can save you many hours of manual work and help you set up a dynamic setup where all elements play together.



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Frequently Asked Questions about Shopware Webshop

How can I customize my Shopware webshop?

Shopware allows you to customize your webshop using a range of different tools including an intuitive and user-friendly administration system that works via drag and drop, and a wide variety of plugins and themes.

Can I integrate my Shopware webshop with other systems and platforms?

Yes, Shopware offers integrations with a range of popular third-party systems and apps, including payment gateways, marketing tools, and much more.

Is Shopware a secure platform?

Yes, Shopware is built on modern technologies and implements the latest security standards to protect your webshop and your customers. New updates are released every month.

How can I handle payments on my Shopware webshop?

With Shopware, you can accept payments from a range of different payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and many more.

Is Shopware suitable for B2B?

Yes, Shopware is suitable for B2B e-commerce, including with its B2B Suite.

What is B2B Suite?

B2B Suite is a set of features and tools in Shopware that are specifically designed to support B2B e-commerce, including personalized pricing, workflow management, and more.

Is Shopware suitable for B2C?

Yes, Shopware is suitable for B2C e-commerce with a range of features and tools specifically designed to meet the needs of consumers, including marketing tools and product recommendations.

What is Flow Builder?

Flow Builder is a graphical editor in Shopware that makes it easy to create complex workflows and automations in your webshop.

What is Rule Builder?

Rule Builder is a graphical editor in Shopware that allows you to create advanced rules and conditions for your prices, discounts, and other features in your webshop.

What does Shopware cost?

The price of Shopware depends on your company's specific needs and requirements. There are a range of different licensing options and add-on packages available, ranging from free open-source solutions to more advanced enterprise solutions.

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