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How Complet Living is automatically informed about personal recommendations and favorites every month

Complet Living is a Danish webshop that sells interiors and lamps for the home of high quality. Every single brand on is a careful selection as it is extremely important that products of the best quality are offered, which helps to create a beautiful, durable, and functional home.

At Complet living you will be greeted by a great passion for decorating all the home's spaces, home interiors, and good shopping experiences online. That is why is always open when you have time, and you can find thousands of designer items within lighting, furniture, decoration, and gift ideas.


Complet Living also wants to inspire you a customer to new options for interior design in the home. Therefore, the shop aims to offer discovery so you can constantly open your eyes to new things and opportunities to make your home cozy and practical.


For many people having to decorate an entire home can seem like a bit of a chore. There are many opinions, small rules, and norms for what should be done and what it should look like. Today, fortunately there is a lot of inspiration to be found and it can be a great help to find out which style suits one's home or which style one wants to achieve.

"I have been a customer of MCB for almost 7 years, and I think our collaboration continues to develop.


When I got the offer to automate emails, I saw a clear advantage in getting precious working hours released. I no longer have to 'squeeze' a new newsletter into an already busy everyday life in the same way as I know that the automated flows do the work for me. 


Once it's done once, it's just running. I see a great value in that."

Cecilie Falsing, Owner of Complet Living

Why personal flows were needed

When we shop we need to be inspired - and this is especially true when it comes to home decor. Often we do not know how to reach the goal of the style and expression in the space of the home that we dream of, and therefore we have to be led in the direction that can lead to the dream home.


And it is not enough to get that inspiration through our own searches, it has to be thrown into our inbox so that we get our eyes open to the many possibilities. If we do not know that a vase is exactly what we are looking for in the empty spot on the shelf, we will not actively go in and do a search for vases. 


Therefore, Complet Living chose to take advantage of the great opportunities that Raptor Mail Advisor offers.


Raptor Mail Advisor is a program that via large amounts of data automates the products your newsletter recipients are presented with in your emails. It is especially popular to make use of 'News' and 'Bestsellers'.


But triggers can also be set up. This means that you can personalize the products that the individual recipient will see in an email. For example, you can send emails with 'Personal recommendation' og 'You last looked at'.

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Raptor Mail Advisor therefore enables you to enhance your email campaigns with dynamic and personalized product recommendations. This way you can communicate with your recipients via customized emails with user-specific content.


You just throw in your Raptor module via HTML, and the system does the rest. The modules automatically display products in real time. And therefore you can always keep your receivers updated.


How Complet Living got good results

To keep sending out the necessary inspiration for the interior design we chose to set up a flow for each of the months of the year. Therefore, there are 12 identical flows that simply have the content part itself as a difference.


A flow is triggered every time we enter a new month. On the first day an email will be sent out containing personal recommendations. These show a selection of the products that have previously shown interest in or are similar to those that have shown interest in.


Then we wait until we reach the 20th of each month. On this day a new email is sent out telling about some of the favorites that have been in the month so far.

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It helps to increase the credibility of an online shop and the goods that are sold and therefore they can be an important element when we talk about increased conversions. This is due to the thinking behind social proof.


Social proof is the positive angle on peer pressure. The method is about proving that many people do something specific, and therefore it is credible to do the same. We therefore follow suit, because if so many others do then we can also safely do the same.


And the different emails that are sent out every month have a positive effect. In addition to providing a quick and clear overview of exciting products that seem relevant to the individual recipient, they also achieved opening rates of up +44 % and click-through rates of over +9 %.


The positive effect may also be due to the excitement associated with showing what exactly Complet Living thinks a recipient's 'Personal recommendations' are and what items have been sold the most in the given month. There is a reason why we are absolutely crazy about 'Top 10 lists' and 'Bestsellers'.

Why did Complet Living choose MCB?

Complet Living has for a long time had a collaboration with MCB. And so it was natural for MCB's marketing department .Marketing to reach out to Complet Living with the proposal for the monthly emails. Complet Living immediately though it was a good idea, and therefore the work with the many flows was put in place.

Louise Færk
E-mail Marketing Specialist

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