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A close collaboration and a targeted Social Media Strategy

Klinik Skovgård is one of MCB's newer partners. A collaboration that started with a shared local foundation and thus a solid mutual understanding of Klinik Skovgård's target audience.

It has evolved into a loyal and close collaboration with a focused strategy on social media. A strategy that has built a strong and credible familiarity with Klinik Skovgård among the target audience, and a fully booked calendar.

At the turn of the year, Klinik Skovgård opened its doors for the first time with a vision of offering effective, permanent laser hair removal for both men and women. The clinic has a mission to assist people with their personal concerns and the hassle of unwanted hair growth, thereby enhancing their confidence and well-being.


Behind the clinic are professional and trained practitioners who are passionate about their work. They have a sincere interest in helping individuals with their challenges related to unwanted hair growth. With a holistic approach to beauty and well-being, Klinik Skovgård aims not only to eliminate unwanted hair growth but also to create a safe space where clients' individual needs and desires are prioritized.


At Klinik Skovgård, the focus is not just on passion but also on competence. The staff are certified and trained in the latest laser hair removal techniques. By visiting the clinic, you are guaranteed a treatment of the highest quality, where both safety and satisfaction are paramount.


Located in beautiful and modern premises on Rådhusstræde in the heart of Holstebro, Klinik Skovgård is strategically positioned to reach both local customers and visitors from afar. The clinic's aesthetics reflect their commitment to creating a pleasant atmosphere where clients can feel relaxed and well-cared-for during their treatments.

"For me, it meant a lot to have a local marketing agency that I could easily meet with. I found that with MCB, and there has been good and smooth communication throughout.


Rikke and Malte "sold" MCB to me in a genuinely good way during our first meeting. I felt heard and seen, and I felt that they explained things to me at my level without making me feel "dumb." They truly managed to meet me where I was, and I felt that my need for assistance was understood correctly.


Their work is professional, and the campaigns look really impressive. I have no doubt that the customers have seen the ads when they come to the clinic."

Katrine Skovgård Jensen, Owner of Klinik Skovgård

Local collaboration on a targeted Social Media strategy

Klinik Skovgård quickly recognized the importance of a strong collaboration with a competent marketing agency to realize their goals of reaching the local audience and establishing a robust branding for their clinic. This desire to create awareness and local presence led to a strategic partnership with MCB.


A central aspect of this collaboration was Klinik Skovgård's prioritization of working with specialists experienced in their field. Additionally, Klinik Skovgård didn't want to dive into just any marketing strategy and, in the worst case, end up casting a wide net and reaching the wrong target audience. This perspective aligned perfectly with MCB's expertise and knowledge in local marketing.


The initial goal was to implement a tailored Paid Social strategy aimed at increasing Klinik Skovgård's visibility and enhancing their brand identity. Through close collaboration and a targeted approach to the audiences, we've managed to reach the right individuals at the right time, resulting in a significant increase in engagement and interest.


A crucial part of the strategy and our ongoing collaboration involves crafting professional Facebook ads that closely mirror Klinik Skovgård's vision and identity. The ads should not only be visually appealing but also create a cohesive narrative that links the clinic's messages with their overarching mission.


By highlighting the clinic's commitment to addressing unwanted hair growth and the expertise of the staff, the ads have successfully resonated with the audience's emotions, establishing a credible connection and attitude toward Klinik Skovgård.


This combination of a targeted strategy and identity-based branding on Facebook has not only contributed to increased attention but has also strengthened Klinik Skovgård's position as a trustworthy and caring player in the beauty market. Simultaneously, the collaboration showcases how a thoughtfully designed and coherent approach to social media can generate tangible value and engage the audience on a deeper level.

A shared goal of maintaining awareness among the target audience

There's no doubt that the local focus was crucial for Klinik Skovgård when they aimed to establish a strong connection with the target audience in and around Holstebro. The fact that MCB has a portfolio of other local clients and generally serves clients with similar needs created a sense of confidence for Klinik Skovgård. They presumed that we could be the right partner to reach the right audience and speak their language.


The collaboration underscores how a well-chosen and close partnership can lead to an effective marketing strategy that forges strong connections with the audience and enhances engagement. It also highlights the importance of a sound Social Media strategy when it comes to promoting a brand and enhancing a company's recognition and identity.


From day one, Klinik Skovgård has shown us significant trust and relied on our expertise in Social Media advertising and branding. We look forward to the continued fruitful collaboration with Klinik Skovgård and to maintaining the audience's awareness and trust in the clinic through a targeted Social Media strategy.

Rikke Nielsen
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