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How New Wear saw a +250% increase in their Trustpilot reviews in less than 1 year

New Wear is a webshop that designs and buys delicious and smart clothes for women of all ages from size 36-50. Focus is on the clothes being able to be used for both everyday and parties and purchased at absolutely reasonable prices - therefore offers New Wear of course also free shipping to parcel shops in Denmark.

At New Wear you will find everything you need in the wardrobe of the modern and style-conscious woman - and it does not matter if you are looking for beautiful dresses, comfortable trousers, smart shoes, or accessories that can help to add the finishing touch.


New Wear has achieved great success by giving their online marketing a personal angle, and therefore the two owners Nette and Rikke are also not pale to even jump in the clothes to show how delicious it fits. If you shop with New Wear, you thus shop personally with Nette and Rikke.


And to ensure the good service New Wear of course always ensures that there is both fast delivery, the possibility of return and free shipping throughout Denmark. This is how Nette and Rikke like to shop online, and therefore it must also be the experience their customers encounter.

"Ass a webshop it is important for New Wear to appear credible and professional. With our many returning customers our score on Trustpilot helps to testify that it is an important tool that provides value for both customers and New Wear."

Nette Blach, Owner of New Wear

Why Trustpilot flow was needed

Before we shop at an online webshop many of us tend to seek out various reviews. We want proof that the shop delivers as it promises and that everything is as it should be. And that is precisely why it is more important today than ever before to have some good reviews e.g. on Trustpilot which is the site many of us turn to.


A good review helps to increase the credibility of an online shop and the goods that are sold, therefor it is especially an important element when we talk about increased conversions. This is due to the thinking behind social proof.


Social proof is the positive angle on peer pressure. The method is about proving that many people do something specific and therefore it is credible to do the same. We therefore follow suit, because if Mona from Horsens is so crazy about the dress, then it is probably as good as New Wear writes.


Therefore, as a webshop it is about collection as many good reviews as possible, and for that it is both quick, easy, and efficient to make use of an automatic flow in an email system such as ActiveCampaign. Here it is simple to set up a flow that is triggered by a purchase and which subsequently sends out one or more email requesting a review on Trustpilot.


And it seems a little to simple and easy - but it works!



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And it is even completely without promising anything as a reward for the review. Many shops promise both discount codes and tickets in competitions if their customers go in and give them af review on Trustpilot.


But our case shows that it is not necessary at all. Often the good service and nice inquiry is enough, and then the customers will probably have to give back a little.

How New Wear got good results

We chose to set up a simple flow which has also been corrected later, so that it is completely in line with the various deliveries.


The flow is triggered every time a recipient of the newsletter completes an order at the shop- And here it is important to be aware that it is precisely those customers who have given marketing permission to receive emails that enter the automatic flow.


Some see it as a limitation but often it is also the customers who receive the newsletter who are most loyal and thus willing to give a review on Trustpilot. Therefore, they are also the shop's mouthpiece in terms of social proof.


After a few days an email is sent out nicely asking the recipient to review their experience with New Wear and the product in general. And whether the customer is satisfied or not it has led to a sharp increase in reviews on Trustpilot. New Wear has therefore achieved an increase of over 250 % in their Trustpilot reviews in less than 1 year. 


And it is completely without having to do much other than set up the flow once, and then it will work itself out in the future for more reviews.


“And what about the mail that is sent out”, you probably think. "Is he really the one who makes the difference?"


Here the answer is clearly "YES". 


The friendly query has achieved an opening rate of +59 % and a click through rate of a staggering +18 % which in both cases is well above the average for emails.

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This may be due to the fact that customer has just been in the process of sending emails from New Wear concerning the purchased product. For example in relation to delivery. Therefore, the recipient is now more aware of emails from the same shop, as they may contain additional information.

Why did New Wear choose MCB?

The collaboration between New Wear and MCB has several years behind it, and therefore New Wear has also long used the services provided through MCB's online marketing department .Marketing. It was therefore natural that it was .Marketing that should set up the flow, as the department also has an in-depth knowledge of New Wear's online acting.

Louise Færk
E-mail Marketing Specialist

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